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Statscore launches new league football player data

Polish sports data solution company Statscore, owned by LSports, has announced the launch of a wide array of player analytics for several of the world's top football leagues.

Ranging from the UEFA Champions League, Europe League, Serie A, to other national competitions, the data has been created to offer Statscore partners an even more comprehensive insight into the players, with the data currently available through ScoutsFeed and SportsAPI products.

As online sports betting becomes an ever-popular way for consumers to play, it is crucial for betting companies and bookmakers to have the most insightful data available, both for their own internal systems and the experience of customers. Statscore attempts to optimise its data by employing its scouting team to cover over 10,000 live events monthly,slots creating trustworthy real-time data for use across various industries and platforms.

Examples of the real-time data attainable through Statscore include goal information like the area of the net the ball hit, whether a goal was scored from in or outside the penalty area, header goals, and so on. Other data assesses saves, misses and penalties, providing data such as whose right-foot penalty was saved by the goalkeeper, which player's header hit the woodwork from inside the penalty area and more.

This level of data acquired by Statscore is available via mini-sites, widgets and feeds, allowing this data to be approachable and digestible for end users.